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In the enchanting realm of underrepresented films, comic books, and graphic novels, Retro Witch stands as a beacon, casting its light on the hidden, the underrated, and the should-be cult classics. This blog is not just a celebration of the obscure; it’s a curated journey into the realms of B movies, underground films, and graphic narratives that have been overshadowed by the glitz of mainstream media. Created with a passion for the offbeat and a dedication to bringing these lesser-known treasures to the forefront, Retro Witch is a haven for film buffs seeking the road less traveled.


Our Magical Mission: Retro Witch is more than just a blog; it’s a quest to unearth cinematic and literary gems that deserve a place in the spotlight. In a landscape dominated by big-budget productions, our mission is to shine a light on the quirky, the unconventional, and the delightfully strange. Whether it’s an underground film that defies categorization, a B movie with unexpected charm, or a graphic novel waiting to be discovered, Retro Witch is here to enchant you with the mystical allure of the underrepresented.


Roshni Srinivasan



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If you’re a seeker of cinematic and literary enchantment, Retro Witch invites you to join our coven. Let’s collectively unravel the mysteries of obscure films, graphic novels, and B movies. Together, we’ll celebrate the artistry that deserves a louder applause. Welcome to Retro Witch – where the magic of the underrepresented comes to life.