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My Thoughts on Cuties- The Netflix outcry

Cuties is a 2020 French coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré in her feature directorial debut. A Film controversial for all the right reasons in my opinion. If you’re someone who checks ratings, well The reviews are ridiculous. This movie is absolutely Fantastic. I’m shocked at how intolerant our society has become. Not every movie is made to entertain you or send out a positive moralistic message . Director, Maïmouna Doucouré presents the rawest and realest version of society from a young girls perspective. There are many young 13 year olds and teens you lose their innocence at a very young age with so much media exposure, this is not a new concept. This movie was intentionally aiming to make you feel uncomfortable so you are aware of how kids today grow up and understand their perspective on sex and desire. This could even be your child, going through the same thing . A not so far fetched concept also presented extraordinarily by Lary Clark in the 90’s film ‘Kids’. A brave and ballsy move so Kudos to that.

The hyper sexual shots of young girls twerking and watching soft core porn is so shocking to you? Well this is very normal and happens all the time. No one complained when larry Clark’s ‘Kids’ first released also showing children in a very sexual light with themes of drugs, abuse, orgy’s and even rape. Is it because it’s on Netflix? Because I can tell you one thing for sure! It’s a hell lot better than the trashy American kids shows that annoyingly come up on my Netflix top 10. This is a movie parents should stop shunning and rather take a note of. Keep in mind that not every Film is made to send out a Moralistic or positive message and nor is it to entertain you, so don’t keep expectations. We are already subtly introduced to the characters desire to look and fit into a certain group as well her conflict with religion and family. The hurt is felt through subtle scenes and even though a lot of what’s happening is hidden we know things even without visibly seeing them. It’s like we are living life through this little girl and yes it will break you but it teaches a lot.

I’m very impressed with the directorial shots, acting and cinematography in this film. The director clearly knows what she’s doing and her message is very clear. The Acting is absolutely phenomenal without a doubt and deserves so much more recognition and commendability for such heart wrenching performances  by such young girls. Some of the dance sequences make my skin crawl but I know that the director meant for the audience to feel that sickness in their stomach. This isn’t a film purely produced for shock value… no it’s much more. It covered multiple social issues such as religion, neglect, peer pressure and social media beautifully weaving it into a powerful story. This is a film that’s extremely gripping whether you hate it or love it- it hits you with slow burns until the very end you feel the hopelessness felt by the lead girl.

 Also people don’t just wake up and watch a movie and become a pedophile, that’s not how it works. Pedophilia is a mental sickness Anyone could have and will have inherited. This movie in-fact promotes the opposite, I want my kids to watch this uncomfortable film and realize how fucked this world is and how peer pressure can have devastating effects. Stop coddling and cucooning your child, let them learn and get exposure to understand what’s right and wrong. This movie is a 10/10 must watch before you judge!

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